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The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has a deep, ingrained heritage of supporting U.S. warfighters. Our drive to creatively overcome obstacles and break new ground continues traditions started before World War II. Since 1943, the ARL (then known as the Ballistic Research Laboratory or BRL) has been at the vanguard of modern computing. Using the Bush Differential Analyzer, programmable calculators, and sheer brute force, the BRL provided ballistic calculations and firing tables that were vital to the Allied victory in World War II. In fact, the BRL at the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground facility became the first permanent installation of what was fast becoming a strategic asset for battlefield computations and weapons development. Read More...

Recent News

Update Jean and Kay Status

Posted 04/03/2024

Thank you for your patience while we continue to work through the issues with Jean and Kay. While we still do not have a resolution, we are actively working... Read more...

Liqid systems, Jean and Kay, are down

Posted 03/21/2024

Due to issues beyond our control, ARL TI-20 Liqid systems, Jean and Kay, have to be taken offline immediately. All jobs currently running will be canceled... Read more...
Scheduled Maintenance For Next 30 Days
Date System Start End Details
Apr 16 Archive 0600 EDT 1000 EDT System Maintenance