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ABAQUS is a general-purpose, finite-element analysis program that places special emphasis on advanced linear and nonlinear structural engineering and heat transfer applications.

ABAQUS/Standard provides a variety of time- and frequency-domain analysis procedures. These procedures are divided into two classes: "general analyses," in which the response may be linear or nonlinear, and "linear perturbation analyses," in which linear response is computed about a general, possibly nonlinear, base state. A single simulation can include multiple analysis types.

ABAQUS/Explicit is a finite element program designed specifically to serve advanced, nonlinear continuum and structural analysis needs. The program addresses highly nonlinear transient dynamic phenomena and certain nonlinear quasi-static simulations. It is designed for production analysis environments, so ease of use, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency are key ingredients in its architecture.

ABAQUS/Viewer is an interactive postprocessor for the ABAQUS suite of general-purpose finite element-based analysis software. It has been developed to replace ABAQUS/Post, the postprocessor available with previous releases of ABAQUS. Most existing features of ABAQUS/Post and numerous additional features are available with ABAQUS/Viewer. Both products are available with Version 5.8. ABAQUS/Post will no longer be available in a future release.

ABAQUS/CAE is an interactive modeling and results evaluation for analyses solved with ABAQUS/Standard or ABAQUS/Explicit.

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