EnSight is an advanced postprocessing tool that can be used for all types of engineering analyses, including CFD, combustion, structural analysis, crash, and injection molding. It provides readers and translators for all common engineering analysis codes, as well as interfaces to common aerospace formats such as PLOT3D and FAST. Through EnSight's reader library, you can add your own custom data readers. EnSight is a true "one-stop" postprocessor, allowing engineers to use a single software tool to postprocess results from all their CAE packages and codes.


If you are running on an ARL/MSRC HPC system, you can set up your environment using the command: module load ensight82 Ensight is typically run in client/server mode, with the client software installed on the desktop workstation and the HPC system handing the data server. To start up the ensight server on an HPC system, use the command: ensight82.server -c {your-client}.arl.army.mil

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