Mathematica at its most basic level is an intuitive, easy-to-use calculator. It specializes in handling complex symbolic calculations, analyzing and visualizing data, solving various types of equations, and doing numerical modeling and simulations. Mathematica is also a robust software development environment. Mathematica packages can be debugged, encapsulated, and wrapped in a custom user interface, all from within the Mathematica system.


module load mathematica5.2 When running remotely, you may experience font problems. To alleviate this, you need to copy two directories to your local workstation: /usr/cta/mathematica/5.2/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1 /usr/cta/mathematica/5.2/SystemFiles/Fonts/BDF One way to manage the local fonts directory would be to create a .Mathematica directory in your home on the local workstation, and copy the font directories into that location. (Or, if multiple users would be running from a local system, then the fonts could be installed in a common location) Then, you need to issue the following commands on your local workstation: xset fp+ ~/.Mathematica/Fonts/Type1 xset fp+ ~/.Mathematica/Fonts/BDF xset fp rehash

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